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Welcome to the equity crowdfunding offer for Syft Technologies Limited, a world-leading provider of SIFT-MS solutions, revolutionising the trace analysis world.

Syft Technologies Past Successes August 25, 2017 at 10:00 am
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Project Description

This offer is made to existing shareholders of Syft Technologies Limited in conjunction with a private placement of up to $7.5m fully underwritten by an existing shareholder of Syft Technologies. Shareholders will be offered to subscribe to a maximum of $1.9m of ordinary shares at a price of $1.15 per share subject to scaling the offer if an oversubscription occurs.

Shareholders can apply for as many shares as they wish through this crowdfunding offer.

The following conditions apply in regards to the number of shares offered through Crowdsphere:

  • If the private placement raises $6.5m or more the maximum amount offered through Crowdsphere will be $1.0m; and
  • If the private placement raises less than $6.5m the amount raised through Crowdsphere will be increased to bring the total capital raise up to $7.5m to a maximum of $1.9m.

Under no circumstances will the Crowdsphere offer exceed $1.9m.

The details of the offer and key documentation can be found below. If you have any questions regarding this offer please contact Crowdsphere at [email protected] or call +64 9 280 3161.

Offer DetailsKey Documents
Minimum target: $1,150 Maximum target: $1,900,000
Equity %: 0.001% Equity %: 2.50%
Pre-money valuation: $74,237,102
Minimum investment: 1,000 shares
Share price: $1.15 per share
Maximum shares offered: 1,652,174
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These are the key documents in relation to this offer:

  • Investment Memorandum
  • Company Constitution
  • FY17 Annual Report

2 thoughts on “Syft Technologies – Private Offer

    1. Crowdsphere

      The payment options are direct debit 7 days after the offer closes or a direct bank deposit. If you wish to deposit funds instead of a direct debit please let [email protected] know and we can provide bank account details.


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