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Crowdsphere Fees

We have made every effort to make raising finance on Crowdsphere as affordable as possible for everyone, not just the rich.  That’s why there’s no upfront membership fees. You only pay an activation fee when we activate your offer on the platform and a success fee when you successfully raise your investment target.


Entrepreneur listing fees:

Membership fee: Free

Pitch listing activation fee – $3,500 (+GST). This fee is charged at the beginning of a project when the entrepreneur decides to go ahead and is refundable if the project does not go live on Crowdsphere.


Fees Incurred Upon Reaching Target:

Success fee (of total funds raised) : 6% (+GST)

Payment Processing Fees: approx. 0.5% of the total raised

You will also incur certain legal fees in respect of your Constitution and other statutory documentation and requirements.  We have negotiated standard fees with Simpson Grierson if you do not wish to use your own Solicitor.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss including investment raised prior to your Crowdsphere listing.