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Crowdsphere is an equity-based crowd funding platform for NZ businesses. Every day thousands of people check out pitches on Crowdsphere globally – they might want to back their friends idea, be customers keen to support a business they admire, or just able and eager to help a start-up or business become a success.

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Transparent fees, no membership fees, and no funny stuff!

More than just money…

Crowdsphere is about much more than just raising your business finance.

Feedback, press and business mentors are sometimes just as valuable as the money raised. Building a community of people eager to help your business become a success is a powerful recipe.

Tapping into this experience and expertise through mentoring and advisory roles is commonplace on Crowdsphere and make the difference between a good and great company.

Getting started…

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Step-by-step guide

To help you navigate your first Crowdsphere campaign, we’ve put together the Connections for Capital guide. This provides a deeper insight into what you can expect in the coming months as we get your Crowdsphere campaign up and running.

Getting your financial forecasts right, first time

Armillary Private Capital is able to provide Financial Forecasting. Armillary’s innovative combination of consultancy and experience is proven and absolutely reliable. You’ll get a highly editable and tailor-made financial model which provides impressive professional reports at the click of a mouse.

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