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Pitch Support Services

One of the secrets of successful funding is to be prepared. On this page you can find out about some of the services that will help you get your pitching singing.


Financial forecasting

Our investors regularly tell us that good financials that add up are a must. The purpose of your financial forecasts is to set out a clear picture of your financial position in a way that allows an investor to understand your business model and make their own judgement about your potential.  Without this your pitch could be doomed before it gets started.

To make sure that investors get everything they need we require three years profit and loss, cash flow and balance sheet forecasts before you can list on Crowdsphere.

Armillary Private Capital is able to provide Financial Forecasting. Armillary’s innovative combination of consultancy and experience is proven and absolutely reliable. You’ll get a highly editable and tailor-made financial model which provides impressive professional reports at the click of a mouse.

Advantages of getting your financial model done by Armillary:

  • Fast and easy – You’ll have a fully-working model in as little as 48 hours that will instantly produce a range of reports at the touch of a button.  It’ll save you time and money, leaving you free to get on with writing an inspiring pitch!
  • Professional – Clear, professional and tailor-made financial forecasts will make investors’ lives easier. We’ll present your financial information using established accounting practices and in a standard format that is clear, easy to understand and always adds up!
  • Powerful financial modelling – The forecasts we build you doesn’t just provide great looking reports, it gives you a powerful business-planning tool that allows you to test scenarios and your businesses key performance drivers. It’ll be a great management tool long after you’ve secured your funding.
  • Value for money – We’ve worked hard to offer you an affordable and professional solution. Fees start from just $2,000 (+GST) and we’ll quote a fixed fee after our appraisal so you don’t get any nasty surprises.

Already got financial forecasts?

If you already have financial projections that need updating or tweaking for fundraising on Crowdsphere we’d be happy to assist for a reduced fee. Simply contact us below and we’ll discuss your requirements. What’s more, you can use your forecast beyond your Crowdsphere pitch in any fundraising or business-planning process.


For more information, call Ollie Cuthill on +64 4 974 9269 or email him at [email protected].


Business plan writing

The quality of your business case will be crucial to the success of your pitch. Good business ideas need to be underpinned by a well-presented, well-thought-out plan.  This is especially important for start-ups and early stage businesses without a proven trading track record.

A good business plan may not be the decisive factor in getting investment but a bad plan can be the reason for not getting it. Find out more about getting your business plan right.

Professional business plan services:

Smart Business Plans

Smart Business Plans team can write your business plan for you, saving you tons of time and heaps of headaches. You get a professionally-written business plan to achieve your goals.

Contact: Nadine

Telephone: 0800 440 857

Email: [email protected]



Assemble Advisory

Assemble Advisory can dive in and draft the commercial sections of your information memorandum to efficiently get your investment story ready for launch. They can also review your financial projections and use of funds, so you can take them to the market with confidence.

Contact: Nathan

Email: [email protected]



Video pitch production

A video pitch is a powerful tool for you to communicate your investment potential in a succinct and compelling way. It will help bring your business to life, show that you are serious and add credibility to your pitch.

You don’t need to be Steven Spielberg to make a short video nowadays and by doing one you will surely increase your chances of success. Click here to find out more about how to ensure your video is effective.


Professional video pitch production services:


Ocular can supply highly professional tailor made videos that can help your business or idea to have the visibility that you are looking for. They have been producing video solutions for the New Zealand and corporate environment since 2005.  Importantly they do it all: creating and managing projects from initial idea to the final product.

Contact: Steva
Telephone: 04 920 2208
Email: [email protected]


90 is a cloud video production services company. If you’re looking to get a video shot and produced anywhere in the world by pros and want it to be simple, fast and affordable, from purchase to publish 90 Seconds TV take or make your brief and do everything from film shoots, editing and graphics.

Contact: Mischa Malane
Telephone: 0800 90 SECS or 021 249 0002
Email: [email protected]


Do-it-yourself video production:


Animoto turns your photos and video clips into professional video slideshows in minutes. It’s fast, free and shockingly simple!



Campaign Strategy

If you need assistance to plan and run your campaign, Kat Jenkins from Multitude can provide independent support. She can work directly on campaigns, or visit her website for tips on communication, preparing your pitch, and promotion.


Contact: Kat Jenkins

Email: [email protected]


Feeling inspired?

If you’re ready to start your pitch, you can do so here.