The Investment Process

Investing on Crowdsphere is designed to be straightforward: simply register as an investor, then find an offer that you like and invest online and, if the pitch reaches its funding target, you’ll get your equity share. If you’re after a bit more detail however, here’s a detailed description of the end-to-end process so that you know exactly what to expect when investing on Crowdsphere.


1. Join the crowd – register as a member

Sign up for free and look for businesses that inspire you. Sorry, but as we’re licenced by the FMA you won’t be able to view all the details until you become a member (it only takes a few minutes). Please note that Crowdsphere is operated by Crowdarm Limited (“Crowdsphere”) which is a limited liability company and the holder of a licence under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013. Its Financial Service Provider number is FSP360186. Our Investor Terms can be found here and Disclosure Statement can be found here.

2. Look for inspiration – find and invest in a business

Look for a business that inspires you in our current offers and simply enter the amount you want to invest. Once you’ve confirmed the amount you will then be required to complete pre-payment details via our payment partner GoCardless. No money will be taken from your account until the pitch hits its minimum funding target and the legal documentation has been completed and sent to you for review.

3. The pitch hits its target

When the pitch accumulates enough investment it reaches its minimum funding target.

4. The legal bits – Company Constitution

When a pitch has reached its funding target we’ll work with the company and its solicitors to draw up and agreed the Articles of Association for the business. The Constitution of a company forms the basis of a relationship with its investors and need to be amended following new investors in a company.

5. Confirming your investment

As an investor you’ll be sent an email, with the Constitution attached, giving you seven working days to review the new articles of association.  If you are not happy with the terms of the investment you can withdraw at this point.  Once the seven working days have passed your investment will become a binding order for investment in the company.

6. Share issue confirmed

Once all of the above steps have been completed you will be sent your confirmation of shareholding in the company and we’ll transfer the money to the company you invested in. Remember that you will get direct ownership in that company, rather than via a third party. You’re now officially part of the team!